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Greetings Fellow Foodies...

March is here with all it's rain, floods, earthquakes and tsunami's, our hearts go out to those affected by these devastating natural disasters! What's going on with the world? Is this the looming 2012 "End of the world"?
Well I hope not...let it only be the end the world for pathogens – I do not think in our lifetime, they seem only be getting more greedy for our food and more courageous in their pursuit of human devastation.

According to FDA records March alone has had 12 food recalls as a result of microbiological contamination (Salmonella, Listeria and Clostridium fighting it out for the crown: ) So between the natural disasters and these bugs, we have our food safety work cut out for us!


With the impending world "BUG" domination, laboratories and companies providing the laboratories with consumables and equipment for testing for these bugs are also run off their feet.

We thus decided to dedicate the Month of March our laboratories and companies contributing to laboratory testing, specifically microbiological testing.



With the exciting release finally of SANS 10049:2011 (the revised SABS 049), we decided a host a workshop on the new regulations...  WOW, what an overwhelming response.  We had almost 50 delegates agreeing, arguing and debating the new requirements.

With Linda at the helm of the workshop, the day was a great success and we know this standard will bring joy and a few tears to our food safety systems.

Due to the overwhelming response, we will be hosting further such workshops in May, June & July 2011

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With the Consumer Protection Act effective and enforceable as of 1 April 2011, and the looming Labelling Regulations (effective 1 March 2012), our "What's in label?" Workshop has been ever popular and so much so that we are hosting our second workshop in Johannesburg on the 31 March 2011 and our third in Cape Town on the 3 May 2011.  If you have not booked your seat as yet, best you do...alternatively have a look at the new regulations posted on our home page. Look out for Durban dates too

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CLICK HERE for the Labelling Regulations!

To add to your excitement, we will be hosting our first CPA Workshop (presented by Janusz Luterek, Hahn & Hahn Attorneys) on the 14th June 2011.

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Some exciting LABORATORY AND LABORATORY SUPPLIER advertiser news...

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Our monthly newsletter and spotlight newsletter...

We sincerely hope that the evenings of the 10th and 20th of each month as of February 2011 have been riveting food safety bedtime reading....

The newsletter and spotlight as of this month will also be aligned with Food Safety sector dedicated to that month, March 2011 being Laboratory and their suppliers. April shall be dedicated to Facility Management and May to Certifications Bodies & Auditing Companies. Should you have any information relating to these sectors or you would like to advertise your product/service as it is pertinent to these sectors, contact us promply.

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March 2011 has been alive with seminars, workshops & events...

We alone have hosted two workshops this month: SANS 10049 (23 March) and What's in a label? (31 March).  Linda Jackson, imparted her wealth of food safety information at the bioMerieux Industry Forum on 9 March (Importance of Food Safety – a micro or macro problem?), the SAAFost Mini Seminar: Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Surveillance on 16 March in conjunction with Dr. Herman Koёter, the SASSFO Workshop on 24 March 2011 (Food Safety in the Snack Industry - Much Ado about Nothing?) and finally at the SA Chamber of Baking 73rd Annual General Meeting, where Trends in Food Safety were discussed.

Never let anyone say The Food Safety Network does not NETWORK!

We were not the only ones out and about spreading the Food Safety Gospel...SAAFFI hosted their 9th Annual Seminar: Bridging the GAP, Focus 4 Group hosted a CPA workshop on 11th March (  Read more about it ) at the   St Georges Hotel in Gauteng, Prof. Griffith of von Holy Consulting updated us on Risk Assessment & Pathogens on  9th March and Swift Laboratories provided us with a One Day Microbiology A Information Session in Cape Town on 17 March 2011.  Let it never be said that there is not enough information out there...March was proof that there is!


All local, national and international training courses, workshops, seminars and symposia are now a click away on our events calendar.


Download the VERY latest UPDATES:

1.    Labelling Regulations... INFO
2.    Foodstuffs & Cosmetics Act... INFO
3.    Trans Fat Regulations... INFO
4.    Consumer Protection Act ... PART 1 ....   PART 2 ....  PART 3

JOIN in the FORUM – all enquires made to TFSN website are posted here
and your comments and possible answers to questions are most valuable.



1.    The Dairy Standard Agency: A valuable guideline document for dairy processors
Dairy Standards Agency regulations (booklet)

2.    South African Pest Control Association: NPMA Products can now be purchased!




We sadly need to say goodbye to "Meeting the microbes...." series this month, as we have interviewed and harassed all of our delightful bacteria and I am sure anymore shrinking of you our audience may have detrimental long lasting effects...which we do not want.  Don't be grim, as we have an exciting and new "Making the most of Micro" series launching in April 2011 (and our source of information is world-famous)!

The Consumer Protection Act  ... what is it all about?



From April 2011, Paul Burke from ADP South Africa will treating us monthly to Food Safety articles specifically related to Allergens, both local and international features for all those technically sound on allergens as well as those who needs it explained to us simply. Don't miss this in our April Issue!

For those who love to keep up to date with the recalls internationally, we will be posting all the latest food recalls whether it be as a result of microbiological, chemical or physical factors...

CLICK HERE to view the latest recalls.



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Food safety, a micro or macro problem...

This month I had to address some esteemed micro biologists on food safety. In researching for the presentation it was very interesting to note that many well publicised outbreaks of foodborne illness associated with pathogenic micro-organisms resulted due to macro factors. The bugs were not solely to most cases poor management decisions were to blame.

This month it is time to review your procedure for releasing products. We often joke that if a product fails, the response from management is to "RE-TEST"  as if magically the problem will disappear. Sometimes it does when testing for microbes but that should not lead us into a false sense of security. In my opinion top management should always sign for the release of product when the microbiologist advises against it. That way we keep the accountability for safe food where it belongs – at the top!




Elena Turnbull from PESCATECH.

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Upcoming Workshops...

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What's in a label?– Cape Town 3 May  2011

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SANS 10049 – Cape Town 4 May 2011


SANS 10049 - Johannesburg 28 June 2011


SANS 10049 - Port Elizabeth 27 July 2011 (hosted by Entecom)

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CPA Workshop – JHB 14 June 2011



The Small Suppliers Manual

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